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Sundays From Harlem #122 (Originally aired March 18th, 2018
March 18, 2018 12:42 PM PDT
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The deep house music show from NYC started with high energy, then we dive down to some deep and heady tracks near the middle of the set, then we slowly bring up the energy until the show ends it's journey with a high energy classic from Soulsearcher called, "Can't get enough"......I give a shout out to some new members of the Sundays From Harlem family on Facebook and had a great time preparing this set of music before I depart for Miami tomorrow....Just click, 'play' to hear great music from Crazibiza, Doug Lazy, Those Guys/Basement Boys, David Morales, Calypso De Sir, Base Wasilewski, Osunlade, 3 Generations Walking, Kimblee, G-Pal, Soulcool, Intr0beatz, Tommy Bones, Karizma, Will Gold, Damiano C, DJ Fronter, and Soulsearcher.

Tune in each week on IbizaLiveRadio.com to hear the show LIVE as it airs before the podcast is uploaded....Thanks for all the support and for sharing this show with your friends smiley

Sundays From Harlem #119 (Originally aired February 18th, 2018
February 22, 2018 11:11 AM PST
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This week, the deep house music show from NYC started off slow and low with tracks by Yotam Avni, Nandu, and Frank Latanika. Then the energy begins to rise with music from Joey negro, Audiowhores, Andrea Curato, Dj Spen, Rocco and Jimpster. We take a trip back in time with a modern classic called, 'Les Enfants Du Bled" which leads us into a nice soulful section of the show with Ron Trent, Teddy Douglas, Paris Cesvette, Anane, with the classic house track called, 'Koro Koro" finishing off that segment of the show. From there until the end of the session, we have deep and ethereal music from Sasha,Dems, Satoshi Fumi, Logic, Sir LSG w/Kefele and Jaidene Veda, Kiasmos, FunkyLoco, Detroit Swindle, and Soulcool until we get to another Joey Negro track called, 'We Are On The Move" which closes out the show.... Tune in each week at www.IbizaLiveRadio.com to check out all of these songs mixed in perfect harmony......
Sundays From Harlem #118 (Originally aired February 12th, 2018
February 11, 2018 07:39 AM PST

I decided to go back to my original mission statement of the show which was, 'House Music that's more 'cool jazz' than 'fist pump' and I filled the 2hrs with music that had a nice blend of electronica with smooth musicianship. Music from Nathan Haines, Atjazz, Godson, Kaidi Tatham, Tiefschwartz, Eddy Yannan, Kyodai, Osvaldo Carriera, Jerome Singingham and Kerri Chandler, Antonio Ocasio, Rishi-K (RIP), Coldcut feat Robert Owens, N'Dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda, Henry Wu, Inverse Cinematics, David Harness w/E Man, Max Dobhoff, Sobek, Jinadu, E&P, Manoo, Jihad Muhammad, S.E.L. and Dj Spen.

Tune in each Sunday only on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #117 (Originally aired February 4th, 2018
February 04, 2018 07:36 AM PST
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The deep house music show from NYC put together a perfect line up of deep house music from all over the world for your enjoyment. From South Africa to NYC to Los Angeles to Belgium with music from Kiko Navarro, Jaidene Veda, Murvin Jay and Deniz Johnson, Enoo Napa, Black Coffee, Fabio Tosti, Karol XVII, Muddy Loop, Manoo, Sheree Hicks, Dennis Ferrer, Chopsticks & Cece Rogers, Cristoph Jinadu, Hot Since 82, Sandy Rivera, Tommy Bones, Calypso De Sir, Malena Perez & Alix Alvarez, Osvaldo Carreira, AbysSoul w/Sio & Osunlade, and a classic Ten City track remade by Joe Claussell......Tune to www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #116 (Originally aired January 28th, 2018)
January 28, 2018 10:54 AM PST
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This week, the deep house music show from NYC kept it mello, soulful, jazzy and chill. The energy ebbed and flowed with rises and falls, but never got too frenzied, nor too synthetic. There was just the right balance of organic musicianship and synthetic grooves by artists like Paris Cesvette, Luis LooweeR Rivera, Josh Milan, James Dexter, Antonio Ocasio, Sir LSG with Jaidene Veda and Kafele, Calypso De Sir, Anthony Georges Patrice, Kevin Yost, Nathan Haines, Verna Francis, Atjazz, Chopsticks, Johnjohn, Cece Rogers, Sebastian Leger, AbysSoul, Sio, Osunlade, Martin Iveson, Parker Madicine, Detroit Swindle, Murvin Jay & Dennis Johnson, Manipolato, Nightsteppaz, Roland Clark, Chris Luzz, Nandu, Valva, Scoob & Freez, Dj Spen, Blaze, Frankie Knuckles, Peyton and Eric Kupper.

Tune in to Sundays From Harlem every Sunday on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #115 (Originally aired January 21st, 2018
January 21, 2018 08:33 AM PST
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In reaction to the insulting comments made by the American president last week about Africa and Haiti, the deep house music show from NYC dedicated a majority of the 2hr show to music from South Africa, Latin America and other sounds related to those areas of the world. We featured artists from South Africa like, Sobz, Boddhi Satva, Abel Tabu, Black Coffee, Enoo Napa, Sio, UPZ, Cuebur, Thodoris Triantafillou, and NTeeze. We also included Artists from other parts of the world like Spain, Haiti, France, Prague, New York City, London, Chicago, and Baltimore with music by Osvaldo Carriera, Stan Zeff, Abicah Soul, Dj Gregory, Karizma, Domu, Kevin Yost, Joe Claussell, Mateo & Matos and many others....

Tune in each Sunday in your respective time zones for the show which airs exclusively on www.IbzaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #114 (Originally aired January 14th 2018)
January 14, 2018 08:00 AM PST
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The deep house music show from NYC started off with a great track by Kevin Yost and then went into some deeper music for the first hour, then slowly, we climbed higher and higher until we finally reached the pinnacle of positive feelings with one of the greatest uplifting house music tracks of all time, "Days Like This" by Shawn Escoffery. Between 'Days Like This', and the opening song by Kevin Yost and Ray Okpara called, 'Satin Curtains" I played music by Aril Brikah, Abicah Soul, Omar, AtJazz, Wookie, Eliza Doolittle, Tortured Soul, N'Dea Davenport, Time Engelhart, Andre Hommen, Dennis Ferrer w/Mia Tuttavilla, Jimpster, Zepherin Saint, Mac Dee, Trancemicsoul, The Realm, Nicodemus, Lisa Shaw, Spiritchaser, Till Von Sein, Miguel Migs, Thor, John 'Julius" Knight, Roland Clark, Shawn Escoffery, and Shrulliver.

Be sure to share this podcast with all of your music loving friends and tune in to www.IbizaLiveRadio in your time zone each Sunday to hear the FRESH episode as it airs LIVE!

Sundays From Harlem #113 (Originally aired January 7th 2018)
January 09, 2018 03:13 PM PST
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This week, the deep house music show from NYC kept it percussion centric, organic and vocal. The NYC heads are really going to enjoy this weeks session. It has a smooth Shelter/Body and Soul feel to it that really made me feel happy and positive to put together. This session is like an alcoholic drink that you sip, enjoy it's smoothness and by the end, you're feeling nice. Music from Maji and Sera, Tamara Walloons, Julius Papp, Luka, Jaidene Veda, Maceo Plex, Secret Connections, Kiasmos, N'Dinga Gabba, Josh Milan, Doug Gomez, Dogri, Justin Imperiale, ReelSoul, A Hundred Birds, Maximo Gladius, Sofina Rubina, Eric Kupper, Matt Samo, Mondo Grosso, Blaze, and Chynamusique.

Tune in each week to hear the show each SUNDAY as it airs LIVE in your time zone exclusively on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #112 (Originally aired December 31st 2017)
January 01, 2018 02:08 PM PST
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The deep house music show from NYC aired its final show for 2017 and covered several types of music within the genre called, 'deep house' We have the synthetic, the organic, the vocal, and classic. Tunes from Homero Espinosa, Kevin Hedge from Blaze, Rampa with Adam Port, Abicah Soul, Manoo, Reel People, Silent Poets from Japan with a great track from the Body and Soul years called, 'Save The Day", Zogri, AtJazz, Serge Devant, Aaron Deckert, Roger S with one of his ultimate classics called, "Luv Dancin'" and finish the set off with some Ananda Project, and a track called, 'Life Starts Today" from Byron Moore.......

Thanks to your support during 2017, Sundays From Harlem is becoming the most popular show on Ibiza Live Radio each week. Keep sharing this podcast and spreading the word. Without you, it would all be meaningless. So, thanks for the support in 2017, and I look forward to supplying you with hours and hours of new house music in 2018.

Tune in to www.IbizaLiveRadio.com each Sunday in your local time zone to hear the show as it airs before this podcast is even uploaded.

Sundays From Harlem #111 for Ibiza Live Radio (Originally aired, December 17th 2017)
December 18, 2017 10:34 AM PST
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The deep house music show from NYC went back to a 2hr session this week. It felt great to be able to spend a little more time creating an ebb and flow feeling by spending more time with several different types of music which falls within the deep house music genre. This week's 2hr session includes music from Teddy Douglas, Ron Trent, Tiefschwartz, Mr V, Tom Conrad, ReelSoul, Reel People, Afterlife, Till Von Sein, Manoo, Han Litz and so much more!!....Join us each Sunday on IbizaLiveRadio.com in your local time zone.

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