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Sundays From Harlem #133 (Originally aired July 15th, 2018)
July 15, 2018 09:24 AM PDT
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The deep house music show from NYC was organic, cerebral, and peaceful for the 2hr session this week. We travelled all around the word with musical influences from the Middle East, Asia, South Africa, and every place in between............Some of the Amazing Artists in this week's show include, Detroit Swindle, Lorenz Rhode, Scott Wozniak feat. Angelica Linares, Zepherin Saint, Stan Zeff, Anya V, Majesty, Lennart Richter, Karizma, Atjazz, Mephia, Rescue Poetix, Abicah Soul, Sean McCabe, Hannah Khemoh, Damiano C, Harper, Yulia Niko, Jimpster, Kevin Yost, Full Intention, Rocco, Brian Tappert, Fish Go Deep, Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe, Spiritchaser, Est8, Bamo, Sous Sol, Lev Kitkin, Steve Mag, David Harness, John Julius Knight

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01) High Life feat. Lorenz Rhode-Detroit Swindle, Lorenz Rhode
02) Amor Del Alma (Vocal mix)-Scott Wozniak feat. Angelica Linares
03) Midnight Mawal (Instrumental Mix)-Zepherin Saint
04) Phase (Main Mix)-Stan Zeff, Anya V
05) Mike Larry (Lennart Richter Remix)-Majesty, Lennart Richter
06) The Power (Atjazz Floor Dub)-Karizma, Atjazz
07) Fragments Of Your Love (Abicah Soul Remix)-Mephia, Rescue Poetix, Abicah Soul
08) Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix)-Piem, Alaia & Gallo
09) Reach Out Feat. Hannah Khemoh (Sean's Paradise Edit)-Sean McCabe, Hannah Khemoh
10) High & Low (Extended Mix)-Damiano C, Harper, Yulia Niko
11) Step by Step-Jimpster
12) Shout (Deep Reason Version)-Kevin Yost
13) Simply Living-Full Intention
14) Someday (Brian Tappert Rework)-Rocco, Brian Tappert
15) Baby Tell Me-Fish Go Deep
16) MY TRUTH (Groove N' Soul Truth Mix)-Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe
17) Because I Knew Ft Emily Cook (Bamo Ma Petit Dub)-Spiritchaser, Est8, Bamo
18) What You Do-Sous Sol
19) Rewind (Steve Mag Latin Vibe Mix)-Lev Kitkin, Steve Mag
20) Soaring Over Brazil-David Harness
21) Save (Original Mix)-John Julius Knight

Sundays From Harlem #128 (Originally aired June 10th, 2018
July 08, 2018 10:38 AM PDT
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The deep house music show from NYC weaved in and out of aural experiences to give you an enhanced understanding of what the different vibes of deep house music does to your overall being. In this episode, music by Keyano, Vince Watson, M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia, Diephuis, Eastar, Paco Fernandez, KingSfiso, Mbuso Khoza, Manoo, Modaji, Kiko Navarro, Sabb, Cee ElAssaad, Jackie Queens, Sam One, HyperSOUL-X, Bohlale, Doug Gomez, Spiritchaser, Est8, Bamo, Piem, Alaia & Gallo, Elements of Life feat. Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle, Liquideep, Zepherin Saint, DJ Beloved, Mcleod, Jihad Muhammad, Sheree Hicks, Crazibiza,

Tune in each Sunday to hear the show LIVE on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

01) You (Original Mix)-Keyano
02) Another Rendezvous-Vince Watson
03) Urban People-M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia
04) Balearic Heaven (Diephuis Afro Deep Mix)-Diephuis, Eastar, Paco Fernandez
05) Ilanga (Manoo Remix)-KingSfiso, Mbuso Khoza, Manoo
06) Hiroko (Afroterraneo Dub)-Modaji, Kiko Navarro
07) Jeopardized (Original Mix)-Sabb
08) All On You (Voodoo Mix)-Cee ElAssaad, Jackie Queens
09) Kitale (Original Mix)-Sam One
10) Loving You (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix)-HyperSOUL-X, Bohlale, Doug Gomez
11) Because I Knew Ft Emily Cook (Bamo Ma Petit Dub)-Spiritchaser, Est8, Bamo
12) Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix)-Piem, Alaia & Gallo
13) Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)-Elements of Life feat. Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle
14) Angel (Zepherin Saint Tribe Tribeapella)-Liquideep, Zepherin Saint
15) What You Won't Do For Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix)-DJ Beloved, Mcleod, Jihad Muhammad
16) Addicted (Bang The Drum Instrumental Mix)-Sheree Hicks
17) Feel the Vibe (Original Mix)-Crazibiza
18) A Deeper Love (Underground Club Mix)-Cliviles & Cole-

Sundays From Harlem #125 (Originally aired May 6th 2018)
May 09, 2018 09:17 PM PDT
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After a long break, I was really excited to put this 2hr set of deep, soulful, tech, and 100% pure house music together for you. Listening back to the session, I could hear in my voice how happy I was doing what I love. I also noticed how full of energy the music in the set was too. I hope you enjoy this one, it's definitely one of my favorite set of recent memory. I posted the entire playlist on the Sundays From Harlem page. Tune in each Sunday in your respective time zone EXCLUSIVELY on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Sundays From Harlem #122 (Originally aired March 18th, 2018
March 18, 2018 12:42 PM PDT
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The deep house music show from NYC started with high energy, then we dive down to some deep and heady tracks near the middle of the set, then we slowly bring up the energy until the show ends it's journey with a high energy classic from Soulsearcher called, "Can't get enough"......I give a shout out to some new members of the Sundays From Harlem family on Facebook and had a great time preparing this set of music before I depart for Miami tomorrow....Just click, 'play' to hear great music from Crazibiza, Doug Lazy, Those Guys/Basement Boys, David Morales, Calypso De Sir, Base Wasilewski, Osunlade, 3 Generations Walking, Kimblee, G-Pal, Soulcool, Intr0beatz, Tommy Bones, Karizma, Will Gold, Damiano C, DJ Fronter, and Soulsearcher.

Tune in each week on IbizaLiveRadio.com to hear the show LIVE as it airs before the podcast is uploaded....Thanks for all the support and for sharing this show with your friends smiley

Sundays From Harlem #119 (Originally aired February 18th, 2018
February 22, 2018 11:11 AM PST
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This week, the deep house music show from NYC started off slow and low with tracks by Yotam Avni, Nandu, and Frank Latanika. Then the energy begins to rise with music from Joey negro, Audiowhores, Andrea Curato, Dj Spen, Rocco and Jimpster. We take a trip back in time with a modern classic called, 'Les Enfants Du Bled" which leads us into a nice soulful section of the show with Ron Trent, Teddy Douglas, Paris Cesvette, Anane, with the classic house track called, 'Koro Koro" finishing off that segment of the show. From there until the end of the session, we have deep and ethereal music from Sasha,Dems, Satoshi Fumi, Logic, Sir LSG w/Kefele and Jaidene Veda, Kiasmos, FunkyLoco, Detroit Swindle, and Soulcool until we get to another Joey Negro track called, 'We Are On The Move" which closes out the show.... Tune in each week at www.IbizaLiveRadio.com to check out all of these songs mixed in perfect harmony......
SFH Slow Down 2017 Session #2 97-109bpm
December 05, 2017 05:54 PM PST
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Here is the second chill-out style session I did this month. Its a mello session that ramps up the tempo just a bit from 97bpm-109bpm I'll be returning to the Ibiza Live Radio airwaves next Sunday for my 2hr deep house music show, and this little session was just the right thing to get me back in the headspace for producing the 2hr show each Sunday....I hope you enjoy this set. It was a lot of fun to put together.

Join us for my 2hr deep house music show each Sunday on www.IbizaLiveRadio.com

Here's the playlist for this chill'd out session:

01) Tobago Beach (Original Mix)-Diane Richmond
02) Baldocious Turp - Original Mix-Shakatura
03) Balearic Dub - Original Mix-Mankz
04) Breakin It Down- Miguel Migs
05) Mello- Boris Blenn
06) Keep On (Original)- Adjazzo
07) Movin On (Original Mix)- Flashbaxx
08) Keep It Alive (Original Mix)- Medsound, Maria Estrella
09) Surrender your Love (MKL Rmx)- Sade
10) Found My Light (Reel People Vocal Mix)- Imaani

Trevor Ricci's guest Dj sets on WFHB 91.3FM and Montreal's CIBL 101.5FM
August 10, 2013 11:18 PM PDT
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I was lucky enough to have been invited by two FM radio stations to perform a guest Dj set for them. The first set is a quick 20 minute set for the Slique Monique House Music Show based in Bloomington Indiana and the second set is 30 minutes and is for the MetissageMtl HouseMusic RadioShow in Montreal broadcasting on CIBL 101.5.

Playlist for the Slique Monique House Music Show--
1) Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix)--Ry, Frank Wiedemann, The Howling
2) Silent Scales (Yoruba Soul Mix)-- Nitin
3) Esperanza (Original)--Mendo Serrano, Danny Serrano
4) Words of Pray (Club Mix)--Paki Palmieri
5) Good Morning Love (Late Night instrumental)--Teddy Douglas
6) Beautiful (Original Mix)--Peyton, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director's Cut

1) Orisa (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)-- Havana Cultura Band
2 )Overstanding (Sir LSG Remix)-- Luka, Jaidene Veda
3) Nothing New (Main)-- Urban Sound Lab, Selina Campbell
4) Runnin' Away (StuRamsay remix)--Dilouya, Sly Johnson
5) Beautiful (Original Mix)--Peyton, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director's Cut

Sundays From Harlem 2012-Guest Dj Anthony Nicholson (Chi-Miquifaye Music)
May 04, 2012 07:10 PM PDT
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This week we hosted a very special event. Chicago's own, Anthony Nicholson was kind enough to be our guest dj with an hour of amazing House Music. I warm things up for Anthony during the first 50 minutes and Anthony carries us all the way to the 2hr mark. Thanks to Anthony for the set....Now join our fanpage https://www.facebook.com/SundaysFromHarlem

Sundays From Harlem 2012-->Guest Dj Lou Gorbea (NYC-VEGA/OmiTutu)
April 23, 2012 04:55 PM PDT
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We are extremely honored to have International Dj/Producer Lou Gorbea (NYC-VEGA/OmiTutu) as our guest Dj on SUNDAYS FROM HARLEM for the second hour of the show.. He takes us on a jazz inspired journey that gets really deep with tracks ranging from straight up jazz to seldom heard classics. Don't expect to hear a standard House Music set, expect to hear something much more interesting during our second hour. For the first hour, I warm things up for Lou by playing a jazz'd up broken beat and House Music set. Join our fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/SundaysFromHarlem

Sundays From Harlem Special Guest Dj SIR-LSG (GOGO-South Africa)
March 27, 2012 09:53 AM PDT
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Sundays From Harlem was lucky enough to have Dj/producer from South Africa Sir-Lsg (Formerly of Hood Natives) take over the show for two hours. This set is one amazing journey. I love the last 30minutes of the set especially. Tune in each week to SUNDAYS FROM HARLEM. https://www.facebook.com/SundaysFromHarlem


Jazzanova ft Nicola Kramer, Clara Hill, & Georg Levin – Let Your Heart Be Free
Chymamusique – Jazz According To House
DJ Spinna ft Heavy - We Can Change This World
Afrosoul ft Kay Junior – There's A Place (DeepAssassin Remix)
SoulBay – Little Origami Bird
Rodney Hunter – Take A Ride (Andre Lodemann Club Ride)
Menu ft Kimet Nuh – Back To The Days (Menu Synth Language Remix)
N'Dinga Gaba & DJ Spen ft Marc Evans – Until You (N'Dinga's Deep In You Dub)
Mike Dunn – Now That You're Gone (Vocal Mix)
Melchyor A – Just Take It Slow (Main Mix)
Lilac Jeans ft Kp – When We Were Young (SoulBay Remix)
Sir LSG & Wizzy Majoana – Burn (Instrumental Mix)
Wizzy Majoana & Tshepo – Feel Like
DJ Christos – Weekend Special (SoulBay Remix)
Chymamusique – Lost In Words (Chymamusic Remix)
Hood Natives ft Mac Z – Sax In The City (Unreleased Mix)
SoulBay ft Thandi Draai – Lothando (Instrumental Mix)
Simphiwe Dana – Bantu Biko Street
Vick Lavender – Do For Love
Hugh Masekela - Smile

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